“My approach to health is that no two people are the same. We are each unique in our own wonderful way, and sadly there’s no single quick fix for all. Therefore, each person requires a tailored health care plan to suit their own needs.”

– Suzie

After graduating with a Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy) at Endeavour College of Natural Health, I was privileged to work with some of the best naturopaths in New South Wales. This experience helped to shape and deepen my understanding of the human body and natural medicine. Through incorporating evidence-based medicine, functional testing and in-depth case taking, it allows me to deliver a high standard of patient care.

There is a lot of misleading and confusing information out there, it’s no wonder health feels hard. My aim is to provide you with the right education and tools to help achieve your healthiest, energized, radiant, self. Because no single person deserves or needs to spend their life unhappy and unhealthy. Read more about Naturopathy

My aim is to educate and guide you to take RESPONSIBILITY and ACTION for your own health.

I previously suffered from severe IBS symptoms for many years. Suzie gave me herbal tonics, probiotics and changed my diet to help repair my digestion. My symptoms have reduced so much, and I can finally go out to socialise without feeling anxious or worried. My energy levels have also improved and I am sleeping better.

Kelly, Miranda

I came to see Suzie for problems with eczema and bloating. I had tried every cream on the shelf, seen Doctors and dermatologists but it always came back. Suzie did some tests and helped me to understand what is causing the eczema to flare up. Within a few weeks of taking the supplements my skin started to clear and my bloating has disappeared. Suzie has helped me so much, I highly recommend her.

Angela, Wollongong

Suzie is an extremely passionate and caring naturopath. Both my children (3 & 5 yrs) and myself have been seeing Suzie for over a year. I always look forward to my appointments, even the kids love seeing her! She has improved our family diet with simple recipes that I can easily make with a busy schedule. My children’s health has never been better, and I haven’t felt this good in years.

Alex, Cronulla